Logo1-300x150We are a mother/daughter duo bent on world domination through crochet, crafting, humor and a heaping dose of creativity. We also hope to be self sustainable some day and love to share our progress as we grow. Sit back and hold onto your yarn, here we go! 


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Kristina:  I am a mother of two and wife to one. I picked up crocheting when pregnant with my first child, now 10. I started out with giant blankets, queen size, and decided crochet was just too hard. It took a few years before I picked it up again and learned to make small things like hats (almost instant gratification!). I like learning new techniques, even if they don’t work out, and experiment all the time. I LOVE to do custom orders so if you have a dream item please let me know and I will do my best to make it to your specifications.  I also love to teach others to crochet, hence the many patterns in my shop and free patterns on our website. I hope to start doing teaching videos and other tutorials as well in the future. If you ever have questions about crochet feel free to ask, I love to answer and provide help as much as I can. 

Millie:  A few years ago when Kristina was living in Texas, she came home to visit. With her she brought the granddaughter, a skein of yarn and some crochet hooks. By the time she left I was totally in love with the granddaughter and hooked on crochet. I decided to make a blanket for the hubby but I had a hard time keeping my rows straight so started looking at afghan patterns. I discovered two things – I didn’t understand the patterns and granny squares are totally cool! I then spent the next bit of time making grannies of all sizes, shapes and colors and then hooking them together to make afghans of all sizes, shapes and colors. Now, I am trying to teach myself how to sew and do other crafts while learning the blogging world. 

Giving back

Rain Barrel painting at Recylique.

Rain Barrel painting at Recylique.

 We are working on reducing our carbon footprint, so have started re-purposing and have combined that with our interest in sewing. We have found this to be a fun combination!  We both are learning to sew and sometimes the finished item doesn’t end up like we imagined it but we keep on trying!

Babies are our future


We also donate time and effort to give back to our communities via local and national charities. Our favorite charity is Newborns in Need.  We crochet and sew hats, booties, and blankets to help preemie babies born below the poverty level. Check their website for their mission statement and lists of needs. There are local chapters all across the U.S. so check for one in your area!

Pets need love too!

 Macy adopted from Hope Animal Rescue IMG_1280


We also support several shelter/rescue pet charities (Home Animal Rescue, The ASPCA, RADAR, and the Durham Animal Shelter).  We make snuggle blankets for the shelter animals and some small sewn or crafted toys for play time. Local shelters are always in need of volunteers, call yours and see what you can do to help out.  Spay or neuter your pet and adopt from the shelter instead of a puppy mill! 


Thank you for visiting us. We love feedback so feel free to contact us with questions, comments, suggestions or just to say HI!

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