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Howdy, everybody! Rami (the smiley person up there) here, being awesome on the keyboard (computer, not instrument, I’m lousy with music). I’m here today to tell you about the awesome deliciousness that is TastyKake. Just ask anyone who’s tried one, and they’ll tell you “TastyKake comes in a pack of three, and a single TastyKake is basically an average cream filled chocolate brownie.” (leave me alone, auto correct! It’s TastyKake!) Walk up to me and ask, and I’ll tell you the facts, it’s the best brownie in the universe! I mean, really, there are three cream-filled brownies with frosting! (aha, not everyone mentions the frosting!) It’s so moist and delicious, it practically melts in your mouth, and you may find yourself grabbing another pack, or maybe two, or ten, because we’re hungry and we want to eat.


As far as I can tell, they’re easy to find, and they taste chocolaty, like chocolate cake mixed with the great texture of brownie., mixed with delicious vanilla cream, and the yummy feeling of frosting. Everyone likes the feel of frosting, right? Now then, you are most likely (don’t comment that I’m wrong) wondering how I found this deliciousness. Well, first of all, Influenster provided them, second of all, I encountered the TastyKakes because they were the perfect food to celebrate, drum roll please, my awesome grades on midterm! Literally my lowest grade was a 99!  Speaking of celebrating, TastyKakes are perfect for a small group (since people say three is a crowd, you can have the extra) or buy a big box and have an epic party! (open the package and lay it out on a plate, you don’t want people eating 55 packs of them… Because they would, if they could, I guarantee it!) And that’s it for me, hope you liked it! But try the TastyKakes, really, they’re better than I can describe them, and whatever you do, don’t squish them! They stick to anything, they’re so moist!! 


Disclaimer: We were provided the TastyKakes free for review purposes, thank you Influenster. Yumyum. 

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