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January 3, 2014By 13 Comments

What a surprise we received! Anne Byerley @ Annie’s Blog of Love gave us a Sunshine Award! We feel so honored and loved!!

The award is given to bloggers who are postitive, inspiring, creative or whose blog you just really enjoy reading. Wow!! 

There are rules though – you have to answer 11 questions and then tag 11 more bloggers! 

Here’s our answers to Anne’s questions:

1)    What are you hoping for in this new year of 2014?

Millie: I am hoping to learn new things, have a lot of crafting fun and get out and meet new people.

Kristina: I am also hoping to learn new things to improve upon what I currently know and to better be able to share that knowledge with others.

2)     What books are on your list to read?

Millie: I am a fast reader, I read just about anything I come across. The only book I know of right now I specifically want to read is the Dehydrator’s Bible by Jennifer MacKenzie and Jay Nutt (hubby bought me a dehydrator!).

Kristina: I don’t find as much time to read as I’d like to. I am still working on the Game of Thrones series.

3)     What are you going to cook this year, what new cooking technique would you like to learn?

Millie: My goal is to try a new recipe once a week, get some variety into our menu and find some new fav recipes. So many people have great recipes they post and I hope to try them ALL!!

Kristina: I am not as ambitious as Mom there but I would like to learn to use my new steamer. I am leaning towards deserts so keep an eye out for those.

4)    What are you hoping to achieve with your blog?

Millie & Kristina: Our goal with our blog is to spread the joy of crochet and crafting around the world. We are focused on easy to do crochet and easy crafts so everyone regardless of age or skill level will feel comfortable giving crafting a go. Some people find it scary, we want to make them comfortable to give it a try! And you never know, you might get addicted to crafting like we are!
5)     What is your favourite thing to do when you have time to yourself?

Millie: I read my fav blogs, I am a lurker more than a commentor; surf the internet for crafty inspiration; read; craft or just love on my little Macy dog. 

Kristina: I spend a lot of time with the kids we read and play and watch stuff together. I do have a few shows I watch regularly as well.
6)     What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

Millie: We have recently started Craft Day where we pile a bunch of crafty items on the table and just free rein it – use whatever you like to make whatever you like. That’s great fun, let’s your inner crafter free and we end up with some fun crafty art when we are done. 

Kristina: We like to go on walks outside and get inspiration from nature. The hard part is the weather, I don’t like to be cold or hot.
7)     If you could live your life all over again, would you do anything different?

Millie: Yes, actually I would, which is terrible to say I know as we are supposed to look forward and not back. Looking back you can see the little signs of trouble and you think you might be able to correct the issue before it becomes a problem but in reality, I think that going back to fix something would probably cascade into a zillion other problems. 

Kristina: I am actually going to say no to this one. I used to dwell on the things of the past that I did not like but at this point in my life I realize that it all lumped together is what made me who I am and got me to where I am. If I change even one thing I could be somewhere completely else, and I may not like where I end up.
8)     What is your favorite recipe?

Millie: I LOVE lasagna – the gooey layers of meat, noodles and cheese! YUMMY! Unfortunately the boys do not like the layers of ricotta cheese, so it is very rare for me to have the type of lasagna I love the most. 

Kristina: Pancit and lumpia. Both are Filipino dishes and I absolutely love them together.

9)     What is your favorite movie?

Millie: I have a lot of fav’s depending on my mood lol. One of my most fav’s is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – there is so much going on in that movie that I will not do anything else but watch, laugh, cry, sing when it is on. 

Kristina: Tough question! I think my favorite it is actually Fifth Element. I loved the cast, it was funny, it was dramatic, it was sci-fi. I loved it. I usually do not watch a movie more than once, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen it. (Rocky Horror Picture show is an extremely close second)
10)   What is your favorite flower?

Millie: I love wildflowers – there can be so many beautiful flowers, colors, textures and smells in a bouquet of wildflowers! 

 Kristina: Magnolia.

11)    Do you make new years resolutions? if so what are they?

M: I plan to do MORE in 2014 – have more fun, craft more, work on my health more, love more, hang with my friends more….just MORE! 

 Kristina: I don’t want to say but they say accountability helps so: My goal is to get a house, a real house. I have been renting for 10 years and I think its time. Any advice, suggestions, hints, tips, ideas, let me know.

OK now we have to tag 11 more bloggers for this award and this will be hard – there are so many awesome bloggers out there! These are all blogs we lurk on but we are going to start commenting more, really!

1. Janine @ : Janine (or J as I call her)  @ Confessions of a Mommyholicis just so awesome. We met when she redid our website and she made the process so smooth and encouraged us to be creative with it. She is all around AWESOME! 

2. Cindy @ Romantic Home: Her home is so beautiful, I just look at her posts and dream about all the loveliness!

3. Heather @ My Sweet Mission: She has such a big heart and the most delish recipes! 

4. Natalie @ Marigold’s Loft: When we first started linking to parties, we would hit Natalie’s Tutorial Thursdays – figuring out what she was looking for in a tutorial really helped us to make our tutorials better. She really encouraged us to take our time and do our crafting so that other’s could learn from us. 

5. Maz @ Bee a Crafter: Maz has the best crochet patterns out there and she is so willing to share them with everyone. I just love her 3d granny squares!

6. Vickie @ Making Our Sustainable Life: Vickie is living the dream that Kristina and I both have and she is doing it with great style and positivity! She is very inspiring, informative and a bit funny 🙂

7. Natasha @ Epic Mommy Adventures: Natasha is so friendly, helpful, positive and throws some great parties! WOOT!

8. Mrs. Jann @ Have a Daily Cup with Mrs. Olson: Always positive, beautiful home, fierce bargain hunter – Jann Olson’s blog is a great one to lurk on!

9. Cami @ TitiCrafty: Fun and exciting crafts abound with beautiful pictures and sprinkled with love! Another awesome crafting blog we lurk on for inspiration.

10. Dana @ This Silly Girl’s Life: Full to the brim and overflowing with delicious recipes, humor and a dash of fun. I am a drooler and need a napkin when lurking here! 

11. Amy Mayen @ SewsNBows: OMG this woman can sew!! Some beautiful sewing is done here and always with a smile and a laugh. One day, when I grow up, I will still never sew as beautifully as Amy! 

So that’s our list of Sunshine bloggers! Hope you all love the award, it’s yours to do with as you will. For those willing to answer the same questions we did, we look forward to reading those answers! We hope everyone has an awesome week! 

Millie & Kristina



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  1. Totally made my night and seriously I love that you call me J! You really are two of my favorite ladies and have got a specula place in my heart for sure. Thank you for the nomination and huge congrats to you both, too (seriously you are each so deserving of this one!).

  2. Vickie says:

    This is awesome! I am so honored! I will be happy to answer your questions on my blog in the near future, and pass on the award to others! Thanks Millie and Kristina!

    • Thanks Vickie! We look forward to reading it. Thanks for having such an awesome site. We hope to have a sustainable life someday and your site helps us to work toward that dream!

  3. Angela says:

    Congrats on the award. I found you from the Monday blog hop. I’m now following you with google plus. Looking forward to reading more in 2014.
    Angela @ Time with A & N

  4. Jann Olson says:

    Hey you two cuties, how sweet you are! I really am honored that you thought of me when giving out this award! Also, I appreciate the sweet things that you said about me! I hope you will not be offended if I don’t pass this on. I have done it before and I love it, but I have the hardest time choosing 11 blogs to pass the award on to. Because of that I have become an award and tag free blog. I loved reading the answers to the questions! I think the world of you both!

  5. Maz Kwok says:

    Congratz Millie and Kristina 🙂
    Thanks so much you two lovely ladies for this cute award! I’d love to share this on my blog with the answers and pass it on. Hugs xD

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