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Hey everyone! We would like to introduce you to a great charity out there – Quilts for Kids!

(image from Quiltsforkids.org website)

(image from Quiltsforkids.org website)



 This awesome charity donates countless quilts to children in the hospital; spreading love, joy and comfort while they are in such a scary, lonely place. There are so many options if you are interested in helping out. One option is to make a quilt!

Quilts for Kids kit

They will send you a kit that includes instructions and all the material (most precut) that you will need. You provide the batting, the sewing and a bit of love! Quilts for Kids kit instructions

The instructions are pretty clear on what to do and (at least for the ones we have done) have been very easy patterns to follow. This is our third one and as you can tell, some interesting cloth this time!

Quilts for Kids kit cloth

Quilts for Kids sent us this red fabric with the girls, black and white strips (to cut) for the front; the black & white stripes for edging and the pretty multi-color speckles for the back. 
Quilts for Kids kit squares

This quilt called for squares – we cut the strips to size to make the checkerboard and then alternated sewing them together with the girls. Edged with the black/white stripes when ready and then a final edging of the girls to seal it all in. 

Quilts for Kids kit 2crochethooks quilt

I don’t know if you know this but I found out that ‘quilting’ is not the actual quilt – it’s the sewing you do to hook all the layers together. Well, we are not fancy over here and haven’t had the guts to try any fancy freehand sewing so we simply outlined the squares (I think that’s called quilting in the ditch?) and did a squiggle around the edges.
Quilts for Kids kit 2crochethooks quilt back

Super easy, pretty quick and what a sense of accomplishment when complete! Now to send it back so the organizers at Quilts for Kids can send this to some sweet girl stuck at the hospital! 

How do you like to spread love, joy and happiness? 
Thanks for crafting with us today, Kristina & Millie

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