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WIP: Crocheting a Katwise Sweater

July 3, 2016By 0 Comments

Hey everyone! I thought I would catch you up on my Katwise Crochet Sweater Coat WIP. The creation is going a bit slow I admit and Kristina is on pins and needles waiting so patiently! I have sewn the sweater top pieces together so one more step done!


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Dresser to Bench Upcycle DIY

July 1, 2016By 1 Comment

 Hi all! Kristina here. When we moved my new bedroom was slightly smaller than my old bedroom leaving me without enough room for my dresser. I’ve had my dresser for as long as I can remember, from youth, and mom had even repainted it for me after I got married. As such I wanted very much to keep it.Dresser refurb w 2 crochet hooks

I decided to spruce it up and turn it into a bench for our new front porch!

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Patriotic Gem Lantern

June 29, 2016By 1 Comment

Hey everyone! So the other day when the building across the street from us caught on fire, I realized I needed some decorations for the front porch. See that post HERE. I thought a little lantern for the table would be a nice touch. Presenting the Patriotic Gem Lantern! 
materials for patriotic gem lantern

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Mickey Mouse Coaster

June 26, 2016By 0 Comments

Hey everyone! A while back Stella from Purfylle shared her adorable Crochet Cat Coasters (HERE) as part of our Handmade Christmas Blog Hop.  We joined a bunch of other bloggers to share 12 crafty Christmas gifts you could make for those on your “Good” list. One a month so you can craft along! 

handmade Christmas blog hop 2crochethooks

Back to Stella’s cat coasters – I loved the different ways she changed up these simple coasters to give each cat it’s own personality plus the pattern is so easy, anyone could make them! I decided to make some too!

Blue Mickey Mouse Coffee Mug Coaster 2crochethooks

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Pickled Summer Squash and Cabbage

June 24, 2016By 0 Comments

Hey all! Just sharing some exciting small batch canning I did recently. After a weekend of cookouts, I had some veggies left over (we did k-bobs!). I didn’t want them to go to waste and yet had no plans really to cook them during the week. So I grabbed some jars and looked for recipes! scraps of veggies to can 2crochethooks

I had two summer squash, 2 zucchini, 2 peppers, some baby carrots and a small head of cabbage (I never did make the coleslaw!). hmmm what can we do? I ended up picking two pickle recipes. 

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Patriotic Wind Chime or Wind Socks

June 22, 2016By 1 Comment

I don’t know if I mentioned that I work from home (which is AWESOME). Normally the neighborhood is pretty quiet but we are right next to a busy interstate, with a brick wall to block noise (ha right), so you can hear traffic noise if something happens out there (wrecks, etc. ). One time the wreck was so bad we had tv helicopters flying around!
Fire Trucks 1

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Mega Summer to Remember Giveaway!

June 19, 2016By 0 Comments

Summer To Remember

Welcome to the Summer To Remember Giveaway!

Are you having a good summer? We are and we want you to enjoy yours with these great prizes and make it a Summer To Remember!

4 Winners will win over $759 rv of prizes!

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Crocheted Katwise Style Sweater Coat WIP

June 19, 2016By 0 Comments

Hello everyone! Ready for a bit of color today? A few years back Kristina found this Etsy store where a lady upcycled sweaters into these totally awesome and beautiful coats – Katwise! See her store HERE. We both fell in love but oh my are they so expensive and even with ‘layaway’ there was no way we could afford one. So we bought the instruction booklet, a serger and some sweaters from goodwill. We chopped the sweaters but for the life of me I could not get that stupid serger to sew the pieces together!! Fast forward two years and I decided to try again – by crocheting a Katwise style sweater coat!! 


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