Handmade Christmas Blog Hop – January No Sew Fleece Blankets

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Hey everyone Millie here!! Welcome to Gift 1 of the 12 Months of Handmade Christmas blog hop! #handmadeXmas2016 (we have our own hashtag!!)!

handmade Christmas blog hop 2crochethooks


We have teamed together with some crafty bloggers to present to you some great Christmas gift ideas for 2016. We all rush around the last few weeks of December to finish up some last minute crafts and gifts – this year we will start early! For the Handmade Christmas blog hop, we will share a new gift you can make each month. Plenty of time to get a few gifts made before the next gift idea comes out! Totally awesome eh? Check out what Pili has to offer next month over at My Sweet Things!

My gift for you in January is: No Sew Fleece Blankets!

No Sew Fleece Blankets by 2crochethooks


For a Christmas gift I made these easy no sew fleece cuddle blankets for both grandkids and for my niece. Super easy – you just need fleece (I used 2 yards), scissors, a ruler and a your fingers! That’s right – no sewing, no glue, no craft supplies, no crochet – just fleece, scissors and a couple hours!
no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

You can use just one piece of fleece for this project but I wanted these blankets extra soft and comfy so made a front and back, knotted together. Instructions are pretty much the same if you do one layer or two, one color or two. First, fold your fleece in half long ways – or well with the cut ends together whichever way that is. Then trim the selvage edges and trim any excess on the cut ends (why is cloth never cut straight at the store??) so the fleece is roughly rectangular. Cut the folded part in half so you have two pieces (or not if you just want a one piece blanket). Typically fleece is the same front and back but if you have one that isn’t, you want the two back sides together. no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

Make a 5 inch square from cardstock, sandpaper, cardboard – and remove that square from each corner of the blanket to be. Save for another project!! I did find my fleece was a bit tricksey so pinned my two pieces together before I started cutting. Sneaky fleece!no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

I KNOW I cannot cut straight so to help me out a bit I went along the bottom edge of the fringe piece and cut at 1 inch intervals. If you can cut straight feel comfy skipping this step. no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

Line your yardstick up with the top of the square cut out (you can use the 5 inch cut out template to gauge the end height if your blanket is longer than the stick. and no it didn’t take me two sides to figure that out….ha) and then cut 1 inch strips from the edge to the ruler. Easy Peasy! Now you can stop here and go to the next step or you can cut all 4 sides – your choice! I did both ways and both work well. no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

Next make a knot with your fringe! It took me a few minutes to figure this part out so just in case, I thought I would share how I did it. This might be common sense or common knowledge because I couldn’t find anywhere that explained how – they all just said make a knot…. So with both pieces of fringe together, wrap the fringe around a couple fingers. no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

Pull the end across and tuck behind the piece you wrapped around your fingers. 

no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

Pull through, tugging gently. It helps if you haven’t just cut your nails off short….no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

Now you have your knot! and your blanket front and back is now knotted together!no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

This took a bit of time but it looks so great!! You might have guessed this is Rami’s no sew fleece blanket to go with her “used to be jungle but now is Savannah” room theme. Yeah it’s leopard print but I was slow with the change in theme. Besides they have leopards in the Savannah right? 

no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

There are several ways to make these no sew fleece blankets – alternately you can do a pass through knot. Make a slit through both pieces of fringe, smaller is better but big enough….you will get the hang of it after a few. Just fold the cut fringe onto the blanket, pinch the fringe piece and cut carefully with the scissors.no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

Push one pair of corners through and then gently pull until the other corners pop through. Then gently pull the fringe down. Again, having nails here is a bonus. no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

You end up with these cute ties! Hubby really liked these so we did Bob’s blanket like this. I think the knots are easier – less cutting – but the ties are adorably cute.

no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

This is the blanket we made for Hailey. My brother just finished a redo of her room and this blanket will fit right in. Her walls are blue, trim is yellow and lots of other color around. She is a true psychedelic child!no sew fleece blanket 2crochethooks

Here is Bob’s no sew fleece blanket with different fleece on the front and back! 🙂 Fleece comes in different widths and the blue ended up being too narrow to make a good sized double blanket. His theme is outer space so I used ‘outer space’ blue with lots of swirly colors on one side, solid purple on the other. Sorry I didn’t realize the image was so horrible! They really looked good together!

While you are making a few of these for your 2016 gift list, make a few extra for charity! Here is a great pdf from Project Linus, one of the charities we support, explaining how to make the blankets for donations. If you want to try making a few of these no sew fleece blankets, Project Linus would be glad to accept them all year long! 

Hope you all stay snuggly warm! See ya next month over at Pili’s to see what she has for us to create! 

P.S. Our Christmas Elves:

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Feb: Pili @ My Sweet Things
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June: Allie @ Crafty Allie
July: Joy @ XOXO Grandma
July 22: Jade Jones @ Jonesin’ for a Taste
Aug: Donna @ Two chicks and a Mom
Sept: Mary @ The Boondocks Blog
Oct: Teresa @ Keeping it Real
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Dec: GiGi Lee – Creations by GiGi


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