Crochet a Creepy Creeper

July 17, 2013By 7 Comments

Stuffed Minecraft Creepy CreeperCreeper Crochet pattern by 2CrochetHooks

 The Creeper!


 If you play minecraft, know anyone who plays minecraft, or have even just heard of minecraft, then you know what a creeper is. If you have no clue then… its an annoying monster in a game called minecraft. It sneaks up on you and kills you when you least expect it. it is utterly terrifying to suddenly hear a hissssss behind you or turn and run into one face to face! This unique creature has become the Icon of Minecraft – most favorite and most hated!Someone asked me to make a stuffed creeper for Christmas. I got started right away. I scrounged through my yarn pile and found a couple shades of green scraps. I figured if it was multiple shades of green all the better considering the splotchy look of the picture.

Creeper Crochet pattern by 2CrochetHooks

(PDF version: creeper) For the head I started with 6 squares of 15 stitches by 15 rows and . At first I whip stitched them together into a cube but I actually figured out it is better to single crochet them together to get a more square look.

Creeper Crochet pattern by 2CrochetHooks

Next I made 2 rectangles 15 stitches by 36 rows for the front and back of the body and 2 rectangles 8 stitches by 36 rows for the sides of the body. I only needed 1 rectangle 6 stitches by 9 rows for the bottom of the body as the top will be sewn directly to the head. I single crocheted the pieces together into a rectangle and then whip stitched it to the head.

Creeper Crochet pattern by 2CrochetHooks

I then debated on whether to do two long rectangles as in the firstpicture or not as I was thinking they must walk so I looked up a video of their walk animation. Watching the video it is very clear that they have 4 little square feet so I made 24 squares of 7 stitches by 7 rows and sewed them all together to make 4 little cubes. I then sewed the 4 little squares to the legs and there you go, feet.

Creeper Crochet pattern by 2CrochetHooks

As you can see his face is squares too so I did 2 squares of 4 stitches by 4 rows for eyes and sewed them in place. I was confused about the face from the top picture so I looked up a face specific picture and found a few that clearly showed he had an odd looking mouth so I fiddled with ways of increasing to get the shape but decided the best way was just to make 2 separate pieces as follows. Top of the mouth: 3 rows of 4sc. 2 rows of 8 sc. Then 2 DC, ch 2 and SS in same stitch as 2nd DC. ss in next 5 sc, ch 2 and DC in same stitch and next stitch. Repeat one more time but ch 4 instead of 2.   In hindsight sewing the face on before sewing the head together would have been a good idea.
Anyway all done. Hope you like him.Go out and have a creeper free day!
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  1. Whitney says:

    I want to make one of these for my son. How much yarn in each color did you use?

  2. heather auler says:

    I would like to have to pattern for Minecraft creeper Crochet. I know someone that would love to have this cause he is in to this. Please and that u.

  3. heather auler says:

    thank u

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