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Straw bale Garden Update for June

June 17, 2016By 0 Comments

So much excitement in the garden lately I had to do an update! The weather is getting pretty hot so hopefully my little straw bales and containers will stay hydrated and keep growing and producing!deer in side yard

I was in the kitchen and saw something out the window, ran to look at it was a deer! There’s a mulberry tree way to the right at the edge of our yard and I think she came down for some of those. The birds LOVE that tree, continually squawking and eating the mulberries before they can even get ripe. Sadly this is the third year in a row we were not able to get any for ourselves.

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Remembering our heroes on Memorial Day

May 30, 2016By 0 Comments

Wishing you and everyone a peaceful and relaxing Memorial Day! While this is a popular holiday in the US – please remember to support our troops – today and always!


Some great background on Memorial Day – Check HERE

For some great ways to support our troops – Check HERE.

Thanks for all you do!

Garden Update from Kristina and Millie

May 13, 2016By 0 Comments

Hi all! Kristina here! We recently purchased a house with the help of the Habitat for Humanity. To help us on our path to self sufficiency we decided to plant some plants. I wanted to start small so I don’t burn out.

garden rose

Along the front we already had 2 rose bushes and we planted 2 eggplants, 2 rows of carrots and 2 rows of mustard greens on one side and flowers on the other.

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Painted fan blades

May 11, 2016By 0 Comments

Hi all! Kristina here. We were looking for fun furniture for our new house over at the Cary Habitat ReStore when I saw these crazy cool fan blades! Someone really has talent and it was such a great idea that I thought I’d share it with you guys. 

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Hanging out with the cool chicks!

Hey everyone!! Millie here just hanging out with some cool chicks today! We had an invite from my brother to come see his new babies and we all just had to go take a peek!


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Garden update – Frost Warning!

April 27, 2016By 0 Comments

Howdy everyone! Millie here with a garden update! As we have shared, we are testing out the straw bale gardening method this year (just essentials of tomatoes, potatoes and beans). I am so hoping this will work out for us! 


Straw bale garden 2crochethooks

Our straw bale garden!

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Let’s go on Safari! Rami’s Room Review

April 20, 2016By 0 Comments

Hi all! Kristina here, its time for the room reveal for Rami’s safari room! Woohoo. 

Safari Room Reveal

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The Unacceptable Risks – NASA

April 12, 2016By 2 Comments

Hey Everyone!! Millie here and I just had to share this image with you! My son was part of a group that sent up a weather balloon and ‘payload’ this weekend as part of a NASA exercise. He has worked so hard on this project and it was so exciting!! Here is the money shot as he calls it:


The Unacceptable Risks NASA Experiement Popping Balloon

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