Amigabit PowerBooster Review

November 1, 2014By 0 Comments

Hi all, Kristina here! As bloggers we have to take good care of our computers so I jumped on the chance to review Amigabit PowerBooster in hopes that it would boost my computer power and give me an “edge.” In hindsight I was being a bit silly. However, I’m in it now so here is my honest feedback:

Step 1: Download and install. Its pretty simple and straight forward, if you ever install anything on a computer you can install this one. Its quick and easy to install and get started with.

Once installed there are 4 main components to the software:

360 Care: checks for things like cache, cookies and temporary files. You can easily do this yourself but if you don’t normally think to do it this program can automatically take care of it for you. You can select what you would like to remove, if you choose not to remove them (why would you?) then you can un-click to leave it alone.

Protect Privacy: Cleans up your “PC tracks” and internet history. I would think this would be done with the cookies and cache but apparently this deep dives. Again you can choose which programs to deep dive and which to leave alone if there are some things that you want to leave alone.

Utilities box: Here you can find defrag and uninstall manager ect. Over 20 different things to help you care for your computer including a way to add a password to folders which is great if you share a computer. This is nice for people who don’t like to poke around in windows. Most of these things are available inside windows already but this program brings them all together in a convenient location.

Turbo boost: All right! Here is what I’m looking for, right? Well apparently you can boost the power and speed of your computer but by turning of certain aspects. My favorite one is disable windows update, lately Windows has been updating whenever they feel like it, not asking but telling, and apparently this can prevent it from doing that while you are busy (don’t forget to turn this option off later so windows can do its thing).

There are a ton of utilities, schedulers, ect. Things that this program can do. Most things can be done without the program but if you want one program that can link you to all the different processes this program may work for you.

If you try out this program leave a comment below to let us know if you liked it.

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