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Pinbellish Pin Party #39

May 27, 2016By 0 Comments
Pinbellish Pin Party at 2CrochetHooks

Welcome to Pinbellish Pin Party #39!

A Pinning Celebration

Congratulations to everyone who linked their Pinterest Pin and not their blog last week! This party is about repinning YOUR pin – so link your pin not your post! 

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May 26, 2016By 0 Comments

2crochethooks gift guide

Hi all! Kristina here. Today I have a gift for all the runner’s we know and love. This would be a great small anytime gift. My hubby is a runner but he started running only about a year ago. When he first started running he had the obvious problem of building up stamina but he also had the problem of…. chaffing! I had no idea, he had no idea. I went looking for a solution by asking a runner work friend what he does to prevent it. 


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Giving Assistant – Cash Back Shopping

May 26, 2016By 0 Comments

Hey everyone! Millie here! 🙂 I have a great way you can shop, save money, donate money to charity and feed the hungry at the same time! Wow right! Bonus – you can do this from HOME. With my fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and social anxiety, shopping from home is the preferred method for me to get in supplies so I had to check this out!

giving assistant portal review 2crochethooks

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Freezer Meal Preparation hints and tips

May 25, 2016By 0 Comments

Hi all! Kristina here. I was doing some freezer prep today and felt like sharing some tips with you. These are all things that I personally do to make freezer prep easier. 

When I am cooking dinner I chop extras of whatever veggies I am cooking to go in the freezer, this is especially good for onions and celery as they don’t have to be blanched before they go in the freezer. 

If my current meal calls for any sort of sauce like tomato sauce or tomato paste I will freeze any extras there might be, this is great to add to future meals rather than let it go to waste. 

Freezer Prep with 2CrochetHooks

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Tea for Two with Britney!

May 23, 2016By 0 Comments

hey everyone! Welcome to our new series: Tea for Two and You! Please welcome Britney from This Darn’d Yarn! If you haven’t visited her blog before you are in for a treat! 🙂 Tea for Two and You 2crochethooks

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Pinbellish Pin Party #38

May 20, 2016By 0 Comments
Hey Everyone! Fantastic news – we have been invited to co-host the Pinbellish Pin Party! woohoo!!!  Lets show off how awesome you are and grow your pinterest at the same time! Share this party to all your social media – the more pinners we have, the more repins we have!! 


So grab your pinterest pin link and let’s get to pinning!
(How to do it: find your pin on pinterest and click it, then grab the address in the top bar (i.e., add to the inlinkz below, get repinned, become famous, get on the Ellen show, move to your own island….!)


Pinbellish Pin Party at 2CrochetHooks

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Key Smart

May 19, 2016By 0 Comments

2crochethooks gift guide

Hi all! Kristina here. This gift is for all those who have a million keys! Ok maybe not a million but if you have more than 3 or 4 they can get kinda messy. 

Keyunsmart w 2Crochethooks

I’ve also recently learned that people now days can make copies of keys just from a photo of your key, they never even have to touch it. If you have your key laying on the table they can take a photo and go make a copy on a machine. I imagine the chances of someone with that technology finding your key is low but why risk it. (you see I covered mine up just in case). 

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Upcycled Crochet Center – Yarn and Hook Jug

May 18, 2016By 2 Comments

Howdy howdy howdy!! During my craft room clean up I found several in progress crafts that I am now trying to finish. Go me 🙂  Anyway, a while back I made this nice little yarn holder jug from one of the dog treat jugs (we go through a lot of those) and it works great! Today I FINALLY have finished part two of the project – adding a cozy to the jug!

upcycled crochet center

Ta da! Now it not only holds a couple skeins of yarn but my hooks, needles and scissors too!

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