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Tenswall Bike Computer Review

November 24, 2015By 0 Comments

is a habit

Hi all! Kristina here. My honey has recently begun getting in shape and he found a million apps for his phone that tracks how far he ran and all sorts of information about calories burned ect. When he started biking we couldn’t find anything for that, then came along a review opportunity for a Tenswall Bike Computer! I jumped on the chance and told him he’d have to give me his opinion on it (don’t men love to give their opinion?).

Tenswall Bike Computer Review w 2CrochetHooks

Install: I suggest you open it over a table, everything just fell out of it. If you are missing the batteries check inside the unit and under the white paper inside the display device,  the install video that I will share with you implies that you have to put the batteries in but mine were already in the unit and I wasted so much time looking for them before my husband checked inside, man it was hard to live that one down. I also read a review where someone said they only got one battery and I bet it was under that paper because it made it look like nothing was there. There should also be a little pack of zip ties and some pads, I think the pads are optional. Here is the video I was talking about. Mark was like, duh, I know how to install it but I needed the video, it helped me tremendously, I guess I’m more visual.

Tenswall Bike Computer Review w 2CrochetHooks

Set up: Ok, so apparently you need to know a little bit about your bike. It wants to know your circumference, it does have a handy table but if you don’t know your wheel size to begin with (no clue on mine sorry) then you are going to have a hard time. Thankfully Mark had a manual that had this in it so he was able to set it. Next it asks KM or M, Kilograms or Lbs, and then weight, I assume it means the rider’s weight, it doesn’t really say. Then it wants to know of many KM between maintenance, I guess you pick your personal preference? Is there something somewhere that says get your bike serviced every 200 KM?

Set the clock: switch the settings until a little clock face pops up in the bottom left, hold mode until a little 24 pops up blinking, hit mode again to switch to 12 hr (if desired) then set on the left to move on. Click through until the hour is correct, click set to move on, click mode until minutes are right then click set to move on. Easy peasy.

Ok so by now you installed it so when you go out for your first ride this little doohickey will tell you all sorts of things.

Tenswall Bike Computer Review w 2CrochetHooks

Speed: Your current speed, I think this is fun! It can also tell you your max speed (beat your high score?) and your average speed so you know how fast you normally go. You can change between M/hr and KM/hr.

Distance: There is an odometer (overall distance), and singe trip distance (distance of this particular ride). There is also a count down in case you say you want to X miles or its X miles to your destination it will give you a count down until you get there. You can change between M and KM.

Time: There is a clock (12 or 24 h), very good idea, a countdown timer, and also a time of riding to know how long you’ve been riding for.

Exercise: Calories, fat burning.

Also: there is temperature, I had no clue where to nestle it in my categories so its by itself. I also do not see any way to change from C to F so you are stuck there.

Tenswall Bike Computer Review w 2CrochetHooks

It also lights up when you touch it and the back light turns off after a few seconds. It is also water resistant, I wouldn’t drop it in a pool but if it is sprinkling then you are a-ok. According to the manual it is also nice enough to let you know its battery is dying but I haven’t run into that yet.

Tenswall Bike Computer Review w 2CrochetHooks

The verdict: It was easy to set up, and the instructions are fairly simple, the only issues I had were the technical bits as I mentioned (tire size being the main one).

Switching between the functions is similar to a watch or something of that nature so it isn’t difficult but it is a little time consuming, I suggest putting it on scan and waiting for what you want to pop up if you plan on changing the display frequently. It is unobtrusive but big enough to read so it isn’t blocking your vision or causing a distraction.

Similarly to swapping between functions is resetting the functions such as the trip and the timer. There are button presses. If you ever had one of those fiddly digital watches that you had to press the buttons in the right order to make it change the alarm or reset the timer you will know what I mean, it is very similar to that. You do NOT need to remove the battery. The instructions do explain how, you just have to remember. My husband used to reset his watch alarm in his sleep, if he can do that then you can reset the trip function.

Tenswall Bike Computer Review w 2CrochetHooks

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