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Evenings with Etsy # 5 – Crochet Lacy Overskirt

July 29, 2015By 0 Comments

Hi all! Kristina here! I wanted to present the perfect matching outfit for summer! 

First up is our pattern for an over-skirt done in a lacy lattice stitch. This is a nice fashion accessory for anyone who wears skirts. The pattern is for ankle length snug fitting skirt, but with slight adjustments this over-skirt can fit any skirt from mini to floor length and can be loosened to fit a fuller skirt.


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Black and White Rectangle Granny

July 27, 2015By 2 Comments

Hey All!
Millie here with another pattern review. Well, it’s not really a review of a pattern but a review of a way to start a rectangle granny square. A few years ago a coworker asked for a dozen different afghans to give out to her nieces at Christmas. She wanted each afghan a different color and style to match her nieces. I loaned her my 101 Granny Squares pattern book and she picked out the squares and colors she wanted and I got to work. Took awhile but I finally finished the afghans (really lapghans as they were 3×4) and I thought thank goodness that’s over! Then I received a text message – Do you still crochet? The same coworker and she needed 2 more! One in purple, one in black and white. I decided to do one as a rectangle but what’s the best way to start one for an afghan?


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Snickerdoodle Sunday Link Party # 91

July 25, 2015By 7 Comments

Hey there and  welcome to Snickerdoodle Sunday and we are so happy that you made it! Did you guys see the awesome Spool Knitting Tutorial by Purfylle on Monday? If you missed it check it out here. Do you have any fun tutorials to share? I love learning new things, link up below if you do! 

If you are new to the party and would like a cookie, here’s one for you!  

2 Crochet Hooks

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July Craft Challenge – Something From Nature Last week!

July 24, 2015By 0 Comments

Hello everyone!! Millie here and welcome back to The Creative Craft Challenge Link Party! 

This party is all about being crafty while upcycling!

It might be pretty, it might be functional but it does have to be green!


Craft Challenge Creative Link Party brought to you by:

Kristina & Millie @ 2 Crochet Hooks Blog/Pinterest/FB/Twitter

Bonnie @ Our Secondhand House Blog/Pinterest/FB/Twitter

Darlene @ Let It Shine Blog/Pinterest/FB/Twitter

**Please follow your hostesses via your choice of social media. Not required but it is the nice thing to do!

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Let’s go fishing!

July 22, 2015By 0 Comments

Around here something we like to do is to go fishing!! Bob (grandson) is very active so finding something to keep him still a few minutes is a challenge. Fishing takes a bit of concentration, hand/eye coordination and luck! Just the thing to keep him occupied for a bit!

Going fishing felt craft 2 crochethooks

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Spool Knitting Tutorial by Purfylle

July 20, 2015By 0 Comments
Everyone please welcome Stella Lee from Purfylle! Such an awesome lady and wonderfully creative blogger, she is here today to share how to Spool Knit!! If you haven’t tried it, spool knitting is great fun and is pretty easy! Here she is to walk you through! This is step 1 –  for step 2 (adding beads) visit Stella’s blog!
When K & M invited me to come and play with you all here at 2 Crochet Hooks I was so excited I did a happy dance around my computer. Then I got crafting to bring you this this tutorial. Happy spool knitting! 
Stella Lee 
Spool Knitting Tutorial by Purfylle

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Saving on a Florida Family Vacation

July 19, 2015By 0 Comments

Summer Fun! Saving on a Florida Family VacationFlorida

With so many theme parks concentrated in one area, along with nearby beaches, it’s no wonder that Florida is a vacation hot spot for most families. However, the vacation bill can get quite steep if families don’t use some clever planning strategies. Save on that dream vacation to tropical attractions, so the entire family can have as much fun as possible.

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Snickerdoodle Sunday Link Party #90

July 18, 2015By 0 Comments

Hey there and  welcome to Snickerdoodle Sunday and we are so happy that you made it! Hope you are having a great Summer! My daughter just went to camp for the first time ever! She had a blast. Did you do anything new this summer?

If you are new to the party and would like a cookie, here’s one for you!  

2 Crochet Hooks

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