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Fiesta Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

November 30, 2015By 0 Comments

Fiesta Scarf free crochet patter 2 crochet hooks


Well guess that wintry weather is here for most of us :) What’s better to keep the chill of the artic wind (or office air conditioner) off your neck than a soft and thick scarf? Today we are sharing our quick and easy to make Fiesta Scarf!  Homespun adds fun color variations and softness to this scarf and the skipped spaces reduce a bit of the thickness while helping to trap in warmth!

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Forever Flex Exercise Ball Review

November 27, 2015By 0 Comments

Hi all! Kristina here. As I mentioned in my previous post my hubby has been working on getting in shape. I couldn’t let him get in shape without me getting in shape too!!! So I hopped on this Forever Flex Exercise Ball review that came up. I had an exercise ball once upon a time and I got the BIGGEST they had. Well it turns out that I need the smallest as it is based on height. Oh well, who knew, so I ordered the little one but once I got the ball the kids stole it!


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Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you to everyone!

November 26, 2015By 0 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We sincerely hope you have a fantastic holiday and enjoy your time celebrating with friends and family!

Happy Thanksgiving from 2CrochetHooks

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In the spirit of sharing thanks, we wanted to share a few great charities that would be thankful for anything you can give and spreading the word!  I would love if you could share your favorite charity in the comments below! 

I can haz snuggles?

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World Vision & Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway

November 25, 2015By 0 Comments


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Best Tricks for Cheaper Online Shopping

November 25, 2015By 0 Comments

Hey all! Thanks for stopping in! We have a few tips today for cheaper online shopping this holiday season! We all love to save – the more savings the better!2crochethookscom-5652f672962e3

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Sweet Potato Pie

November 25, 2015By 0 Comments

Hi all! Kristina here. At work we were having a Bake Off! I am not much into baking but I just got my produce box and there were a bunch of yummy sweet potatoes so I figured I’d make a sweet potato pie


Sweet Potato Pie with 2CrochetHooks

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Tenswall Bike Computer Review

November 24, 2015By 0 Comments

is a habit


Hi all! Kristina here. My honey has recently begun getting in shape and he found a million apps for his phone that tracks how far he ran and all sorts of information about calories burned ect. When he started biking we couldn’t find anything for that, then came along a review opportunity for a Tenswall Bike Computer! I jumped on the chance and told him he’d have to give me his opinion on it (don’t men love to give their opinion?).

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Rainbow Shells Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

November 23, 2015By 0 Comments

Hey everyone! This month for some reason has been all about shells – crochet shells that is :). I was looking for yarn a bit ago for a specific project and found this “Basic Yarn’ in small skeins on sale at AC Moore. So many lovely colors and so many cool variegated (I love variegated yarn). So I picked up a few skeins of this rainbow color. So pretty! The nurses at our local hospitals had sent down the word the bright colors and fun patterns make the NICU, the nurses and the parents of these premature babies happy. Well bright rainbow colors have to make anyone happy! 

Free Crochet Pattern Rainbow Shells by 2crochethooks

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